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  1. It’s your right to write. Better get writing on this About Me then. Here, I’ll start it out…

    My favorite band is Nickleback. I like to dance at weddings to “Cotten Eyed Joe.” I am a real music buff. I also like to collect lucky rabbits feet (or is it collect lucky rabbits foot?) I am so bad with writing these About Me sections.

    Well, anyways, feel free to use it my artist friend. Nice to have virtually met you.

  2. Allow me to edit that, my favorite band would be anything but Nickelback.
    I would rather listen to a sloth skim his claws down a chalkboard than them.
    I like to dance at weddings. What I like even better is doing that after getting drunk at weddings.

    I am a real music buff. REAL music buffs would disagree with this statement of mine.
    I also like to collect lucky rabbit’s feet, but never have any luck keeping them since the rabbits always escape. Which makes sense of why people sever their feet off.
    I am so bad with writing these About me sections that I’m using a skeleton that someone else chalked out for me and still failing.

    Well, anyway, you’re awesome my fellow blogger friend.
    No really, I read your blogposts xD

  3. I do like the glasses, very stylish. Now not being offended by the “F” word I suppose I don’t have a thing to be concerned about.

    As for the lucky rabbits feet, well they aren’t very lucky for the rabbit that lost them are they,.

    • You’ve passed the test of eligibility. Welcome to my world! Grab yourself a drink and make an appointment at the tattoo parlor.

      Just tell the rabbits that Bugs Bunny thinks it’s cool and they’ll be hopping over one and other in queue to get their feet severed. Yeah, PETA is definitely going to sue me for this. Followed by Warner Bros.

      • At the risk of offending some one and probably not caring…I’m a card carrying member of PETA, have been for years. People Eating Tasty Animals.

        Hoping for my first tat soon, already know what I want…when my birthday rolls around it may just happen.

        Now as for that drink..a Jack and coke would do 🙂

        • No one is going to bury a bullet in your back for that comment. I already bit the bullet that was fired in my direction with my article “Dear Vegetarians” and continued to not address them very dearly.

          A jack and coke? Coming right up, sir.
          Oh, I see that is already part of your name.

          • Don’t know why, guess I was so taken with the sunglasses , I just now noticed the handcuffs hanging in the background.

            • These are the ones I mentioned earlier. I stripped them of the red fur they came cloaked in. Well, that was the beginning of the abundant stripping that followed xD

  4. Lovely interesting blog contents.. love to follow.. 🙂

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